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Our story


Lucy Khalif, Founder

Welcome to Cana Gold, your number one source for Luxury Skin Care and Health products -WHERE NATURE MEETS SCIENCE. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best Ingredients with a focus on Beauty & Health.

Cana Gold has come a long way from its beginnings in my home lab. When I first started, my passion for Beauty and Health inspired me to quit my day job and gave me the drive to create some of the most unique skin care and health products on the planet with the help of the best celebrity plastic surgeons.

I now ship my new luxury line of products to customers all over the US & abroad, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Beauty and Health industry. Cana Gold comes to you now with different lines to bring you beauty from inside to outside.

  • 24K Nano Gold
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Coco Extract
  • Seaweed Extract
  • DMAE
  • Jasmine Oil

Hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email:



James Sandor Hurvitz, MD

Hello, I am a board-certified plastic surgeon JAMES SANDOR HURVITZ MD.

Over 41 years ago I invented a safe means of saving sick, injured skin with instant results and I used it for so many celebrities and Hollywood stars, and they adored it.

I did this research with then to be wife Jackie during my plastic surgery residency. Next, I applied it to an instant skin rejuvenation invention with no downtime.

IN 1995 my friend “THE KING OF POP” MICHAEL JACKSON loved the treatment regimen, and I used it exclusively for him.

After Michael passed away, out of respect for my friendship with him, I stopped using the secret regimen I invented.

Then I had a lucid dream in which Michael said to me “please Jim help others as you have helped me.”

After this lucid dream memories came to me and lightened up, my grief at Michael’s passing made me want to do something to please him in his other life.

It happened that after my wife passed away, Lucy befriended me and helped me resume practice again and go back to my normal life after I had terrible grief of losing the two-precious people in my life my beloved wife and my best friend “THE KING OF POP” MICHAEL JACKSON.

Lucy was so passionate about beauty and health care and through our trips and carpooling every day we used to speak about all health, skin and beauty regimen, and she was an excellent listener, quick learner and had a huge passion in her heart to help others and bring the best to the world.

Lucy has put all the information and researches she did in 9 years period with the latest technology and mixed it with what I taught her from my experience over 41 years in skin and beauty industry and brought up to the world in CANA GOLD -as an appreciation to her friendship. Over the years, she became daughter-like to me and because I wanted to praise “THE KING OF POP” MICHAEL JACKSON’s memory in my heart and the heart of others, I gave Lucy my secret skin regimen formula to use it in her skin care products CANA GOLD. I asked her in return, to include the word gold in the name of her product to praise MICHAEL JACKSON memory because gold was one of his favorite colors and ingredients.

I hope you will enjoy CANA GOLD products as “The king of pop” MICHAEL JACKSON and other Hollywood celebrities had enjoyed it with me from years. Especially now, when it comes to your hands with the newest technology along with a lot of passion and researches that been added to it to make it the one and the only one product you will need to be a shining star like other HOLLYWOOD STARS.

We promised you with the best, and we are always going to deliver the best, newest and fresh products to keep you the youthful and the bright star you ever dreamed and wanted to be.